University of California (UC) Acceptance Rate 2022 [Updated]

By | August 3, 2022

Are you looking for the University of California UC acceptance rate in 2022? In this article, you will get all related information pertaining to the University of California UC acceptance rate for 2022.

If you are one of the University of California’s applicants for the class of 2026, then this article is for you. It’s important you remember that the University of California (UC) schools acceptance rate is relatively low and one of the hardest universities to get into due to the high number of applicants every year

University of California (UC) Acceptance Rates 2022[Updated]

This post is for students interested to know the 2022 UC Acceptance rate 2026 for the incoming classes across all UCs schools Whether freshman (first-year) students, transfer students, or international students.

The University of California acceptance rate 2026 for all UC schools and their admission statistics have been properly outlined in this article.

Please note that the University of California UC does not offer Early Action (EA), Early Decision (ED), or Regular Decision (R.D) admissions.

Importantly, this information on the UC acceptance rate covers that of freshman (first-year) students, transfer students, and international students.

Which UC School Highest Acceptance rate in 2022?

The UC school with the highest acceptance rate is the UC Merced with an acceptance rate of 85%. Below is the easiest University of California UC schools to get admitted to:

  • UC Davis with an acceptance rate of 46.6%
  • UC Santa Cruz with an acceptance rate of 65.2%.
  • UC Riverside with an acceptance rate of 66.2%
  • UC Merced with an acceptance rate of 85.4%

Check the below for the complete breakdown of the UC schools’ acceptance rate for 2022.

Which UC Schools have the Lowest Acceptance Rate in 2026?

The University of California School with the lowest acceptance rate is UC Berkeley with an acceptance rate of 5%.

Below is a list of the 3 hardest University of California (UC) system schools to get into in 2022 for the class of 2026 are:

  • UCLA (UC Los Angeles) with acceptance of 14.4%
  • UC Berkeley with an acceptance rate of 5%
  • UC Irvine with an acceptance rate of 29.9%

University of California Schools Acceptance rate 2022

Below is the detailed University of California Schools (UC) acceptance rate, and the average GPA of students that are accepted.

UC School Name Acceptance Rate Average GPA Admitted
Los Angeles 14.4% 4.18 – 4.31
UC Berkeley 17.5% 4.13 – 4.30
UC Irvine 29.9% 3.96 – 4.26
UC Santa Barbara 36.9% 4.03 – 4.27
UC San Diego 38.3% 4.04 – 4.28
UC Davis 46.6% 3.97 – 4.25
UC Santa Cruz 65.2% 3.71 – 4.16
UC Riverside 66.2% 3.65 – 4.11
UC Merced 85.4% 3.40 – 3.96

UCs Acceptance rate by major

You must know that the UC schools do not consider majors as a factor in the decision.

Each applicant may not be advantaged or disadvantaged due to the major they apply for because all UC schools’ majors are known to be competitive.

As an applicant, all you need to get into the UC school is to maintain an academic profile that is above the UC’s entry requirements.

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