Stanford Acceptance Rate of Class of 2026 [Updated -2022]

By | June 18, 2022

Are you looking for the Stanford Acceptance Rate for the Class of 2026? In this article, you will get all related information pertaining to the Stanford acceptance rate for the Class of 2026.

Stanford Acceptance Rate of Class of 2026 [Updated -2022]

If you are one of Stanford University’s applicants for the class of 2026, then this article is for you. It’s important you remember that the Stanford University acceptance rate is relatively low and one of the hardest universities to get into due to the high number of applicants every year.

In this article, we’ve arranged the Stanford admission rate for 2026 based on Restrictive Early Action (REA), and Early Decision (ED) for out-of-state and in-state freshman, transfer, and international admission students.

When will Stanford University release decisions for the class of 2026?

The official date and day for the release of the Stanford University class of 2026 decision Restrictive Early Action and the Regular Decision had already been announced. The official release of the Stanford University early action class of 2026 admission decision is been scheduled for 15th December 2021.

Below is the detailed Stanford University Class of 2026 admission scheduled for Restrictive Early Action and the Regular Decision applicants.

Stanford Freshman Early Action Admission Schedule

  1. Application with Arts Portfolio: October 15
  2. Materials for Arts Portfolio: October 20
  3. Standard Application Deadline: November 1
  4. Notification of Missing Documents: Mid-November
  5. Early Action Decision Released: December 15
  6. Student Reply Date: May 2

Stanford Freshman Regular Decision Admission Schedule

  • Application with Arts Portfolio: December 5
  • Materials for Arts Portfolio: December 10
  • Standard Application Deadline: January 5
  • Final SAT/ACT Submission: Not applicable
  • Notification of Missing Documents: Mid-February
  • Early Action Decision Released: April 1
  • Student Reply Date: May 2

Stanford University Acceptance Rate 2026


Applicants that applied to Stanford University are accepted based on qualifications and the number of applicants that get accepted depends on the class size [quota].

It’s important you remember that the Stanford University acceptance rate is relatively low and C has severally ranked among the top 5 most difficult Universities in the U.S.

Based on stats, Stanford University had often times stand out as the most selective college in the US, beating Ivy League Colleges. But don’t let that discourage you.

What is the Stanford Acceptance rate for 2026?

Below is the acceptance rate of Stanford University

  1. The acceptance rate for transfer students at Stanford: is 1.15% – 3%
  2. The acceptance rate for freshmen at Stanford: is 4.0% – 5.19%
  3. Stanford Admit rate for out-of-state: 4%
  4. Stanford Admit rate for in-state: 4%
  5. Acceptance rate for international students: 9.9% – 11.4%
  6. Stanford Restrictive Early Action (REA) acceptance rate: 4.73%
  7. Stanford Early Decision (ED) Acceptance rate: 4.36

Summarily, the Stanford University acceptance rate falls between 4.0% – 5.19% and it varies based on each incoming class size, the number of applicants, and the admission plans.

Stanford University Admission Statistics 2022.

From Stanford’s admissions statistics, we have gathered that Stanford is hard to enter due to the low admission rate and a high number of applicants received yearly.

The Stanford admission statistics reveal that in every 1000 students that apply to Stanford, about 30 to 50 get accepted.

This has placed Stanford within the admission rate range of 4 – to 5 % for a long time. View complete stats @

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